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We offer a possibility of additional promotion of your company by using advertising tools and become an exhibition's sponsor.

By a single payment we provide the following advantages:

  • Brand image strengthening
  • Increasing sales
  • Transmitting your message to the target audiences

Exhibition participants have access to additional advertising spaces - cataloque, expo guide, promo-materials, website, exhibition and Expocentr facilities.

In order to enhance your presence at the exhibition and to make sure you meet your marketing objectives we offer a variety of advertising and sponsoring possibilities - ranging from advertisements in the official exhibition catalogue to banners on our English and Russian website or individual sponsoring packages including corporate logo in advertising media, indoor and outdoor advertising space.

For detailed information please contact: .

Some advertising and sponsoring possibilities:

Exhibition catalogue

  • Additional information
  • Company logo in the catalogue
  • Advertisement in the catalogue (1/3 page, full page, cover page)
  • Catalogue bookmark

Floor plan

  • Corporate logo on the floor plan in the exhibition hall

Advertising space

  • Banner inside the hall
  • Banner on the exhibition hall


  • Link from exhibitor list to your company website
  • Banner on the Euroexpo website

For additional information about advertising and sponsorship possibilities please contact Smirnova Anna:
(495) 925-65-61, e-mail: .

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