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Tradekey.com Media Collaboration with Barbecue Expo Russia 2014


Barbecue Expo Russia 2014

After the huge success of Barbecue Expo 2013, the organizers have decided to continue this year as well. Barbecue Expo 2014 http://tradeshow.tradekey.com/barbecue-expo-russia-e17465.htm has been scheduled to take place in Moscow, Russia. This is the 3rd International exhibition for the promotion of Cooking, Barbecue & Grilling equipments and accessories. The event is scheduled on dates 16-19 September, 2014. IEC Crocus Expo is hosting the exhibition. Over 100 companies from 11 different countries will be exhibiting their products. Countries that are participating in the event include Australia, Belarus, Germany, China, France, Italy, Russia, Ukraine participated. Moreover, last year the event was visited by over 7,000 people across the globe.

The facilitators of the exhibition are a well known organizer and a professional exhibition company “EuroExpo”. This event is the third installment of the first event that took place in 2012 in Moscow at CEC “Expocenter”. It will be a platform for customers and visitors to meet manufacturers, suppliers and online B2B marketplace to connect to connect with one another. This will be great chance for the business expansion for business people all over the word.

This event is the only of its kind in Russia that will prove to be quite a good opportunity for the producers, manufacturers, suppliers as well as for the customers as this event will enable them to directly present their cooking, barbecue and Grilling equipments and accessories to the customers from all around the world.

About Tradekey.com

TradeKey http://www.tradekey.com/ is a well known name in the online B2B marketplace. TradeKey is one of a few companies that has gained recognition all over the world in a blink of an eye. TradeKey has helped many small businesses become a large corporation by providing them facilities of highly skilled, professional and dedicated employees who are constantly busy in providing services to businesspeople to connect businesses around globe for international trade. Tradekey started off back in 2005 and even since have grown rapidly by having got members in 240 countries and by serving over 70 million businesses.

Role of Tradekey.com for the promotion of the event

Tradekey will play a key role in making this event more successful by offering its online promotional services in ultimate benefits of Global branding. Tradekey will utilize its separate Trade shows specific portal http://tradeshow.tradekey.com/ by placing banners at exclusive & relevant places, featred listings, show mini web site etc. But also promote BARBECUE EXPO Russia by utilizing the entire network of Trade.com with banners placement, featured listings at exclusive places, unlimited press release publications & promotions & Email marketing.

The Tradekey.com will prove itself as a great platform for the global business expansion of Barbecue Expo 2014. As well as Tradekey.com will further enhance their business deals in less time.

How Tradekey is serving to its Russian Target Market

TradeKey has already been proving its services to the Russian trade market but now it has taken a step further by making its services locally available in the Russia through http://russian.tradekey.com/ . This Russian specific portal will help the Russian buyers & suppliers to connect locally with each other but create a bridge in making the successful online business & trade connection with Global markets.

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