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We invite you to Barbecue Expo 2014 in “Crocus Expo”!

We invite you to Barbecue Expo 2014 in “Crocus Expo”! 20.11.2013

The 3rd edition of the International specialized exhibition will take place on 16 — 19 September 2014 in IEC “Crocus Expo”. Thus, the exhibition moves to the new modern and spacious venue, offering even more equipment and accessories for barbecue and grilling!

Barbecue Expo 2014 will be held within the Festival of Country Living, simultaneously with Garden Tool 2014 8th International specialized exposition of gardening tools and equipment and Garden Comfort 2014 International specialized exhibition of products and services for garden design.

Figures and facts of Barbecue Expo 2013:

  • 100 exhibitors
  • 11 countries: Australia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, India, China, the Netherlands, Russia, Serbia, Switzerland
  • Exhibition area: 2000 sq. m
  • Over 7000 people visited the exhibition, including suppliers, dealers and wholesalers, as well as specialized and chain shops , HoReCa, owners of country houses and open air facilities
  • Barbecue Expo 2013 was visited by specialists from 17 countries including Austria, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Germany, Greece, Israel, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Lithuania, Moldova, Pakistan, Russia, the USA, Turkey, Ukraine, South Africa
  • An extensive programme of unique co-located events evoked a great interest among both professionals and end customers

The barbecue culture has become more and more popular in Russia. The Russian market attracts the global manufacturers as well. So, if healthy and tasty food is your weakness, hobby or work, take the advantages of the only exhibition in Russia dedicated to the tasty outdoor leisure!

Barbecue Expo 2014 will represent:

  • Chargrills, grills, barbecue, smokers — coal, gas, electric, and solar

In addition to the cooking equipment, there will be a wide range of diverse barbecue related products:

  • Instruments, accessories and tools for barbecue
  • Ignition means (liquid and solid)
  • Cleaning agents
  • Fuel, coal, coal bricks, euro woods, pellets and wood chips
  • Protective equipment, including masks, glasses, burn packs, fire-extinguishers, repellents
  • Clothes for barbecue, as aprons, wrists, clothes, footwear and head pieces
  • Personal hygiene products, antibacterial gels and etc.
  • Heat resistant paints for barbecue equipment coating
  • Books on barbecue and specialized media
  • Equipment for outdoor areas, including tents, trash containers, tables, chairs and lighting
  • Mobile refrigerators and thermal packs
  • Tableware, cutlery and picnic sets
  • Semi-finished products for barbecue, i.e. meat, fish and poultry
  • Sauces, dressings, marinades and spices
  • BBQ catering services.

Barbecue Expo offers wide business opportunities for food and related industries: to establish new business contacts, to meet the suppliers and manufacturers, to find new opportunities and ideas.

The diverse business programme of master classes, shows, presentations, contests and other tasty events will be held during the exhibition inside the pavilion and at the outdoor open area.

Information support of Barbecue Expo 2014

  • More than 40 food and garden magazines: advertising, news, announcements, distribution of invitation tickets all over the Russia
  • 35 internet sites
  • TV: Russia 1, Russia 2, ТВЦ, Euronews, Usadba ТV, Okhota I Rybalka
  • Azbuka Vkusa, Zeleny Perekrestok: distribution of invitation tickets


Live a tasty country life!

For participation please contact Gulnara Markelova info@bbqexpo.ru

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