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Post-release International Specialized Exhibition Equipment and Accessories for Barbecue & Grilling


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Barbecue EXPO 2013


International specialized exhibition

Equipment and accessories for barbecue & grilling

16-19 September 2013, Moscow, CEC “Expocentre

16-19 September 2013 the CEC “Expocentre” in Moscow hosted the 2nd international specialized exhibition “Barbecue Expo-2013”, the only exhibition in Russia representing barbecue & grilling equipment and accessories, as well as a wide range of products for outdoor cooking and leisure.

Over 100 companies from 11 countries including Australia, Belarus, Germany, China, France, Italy, Russia, Ukraine participated in “Barbecue Expo-2013”, covering the total area of 2000 sq.m in two exhibition halls of Pavilion 5. The exhibitors from Europe (Fire & Food Grill Park) and China demonstrated their products at the national expositions. Among the exhibitors there are the well-known barbecue equipment manufacturers: BeefEater, Big Green Egg, Grillkoff, Landmann, Marshall Smokers, Napoleon, Primo Grill, Weber Stephen, and others. The preliminary figures show that over 7,000 people visited the exhibition: wholesalers, retailers and catering companies, as well as the end customers.

The exhibition brought together the professional community to contribute jointly to the promotion of BBQ products manufactured in Russia and abroad on the Russian market. The pragmatic aspect of “Barbecue Expo” is an opportunity for the representatives of food and related industries to establish new business contacts and to open new ways of business development and diversification, to create and successfully develop the dealer networks in Russia, to meet the partners, to see the industry trends and further prospects.

The official opening ceremony took place on the first exhibition day. Among the honoured guests who welcomed the exhibitors and visitors there Mikhail Strigun, executive director of “Euroexpo”, Artem Engoyan, president of the Russian Barbecue Association, Norbert Jedrau, managing director of the Barbecue Industry Association Grill BIAG, Elmar Fetscher, chief editor of “Fire&Food” magazine, Sergey Yushin, chairman of the executive committee of the National Meat Association of Russia, and Elena Guseva, project manager of “Expocentre” hosted exhibitions division. The honoured guests noted the progress of the exhibition and the development pace of the barbecue market in Russia, and wished the exhibitions fruitful work and new prospects.

During all exhibition days the exhibitors held the equipment shows on their stands. Euro-Grill demonstrated Napoleon® brand charcoal and gas grills (Canada) for the first time in the Russian market. The equipment was presented by Andreas Rummel, the European BBQ champion and cooking guru #1 in Germany. Primo Grills and Smokers presented a new line of ceramic barbecues that are very popular in the USA. “Barbecue House” held a series of master classes demonstrating how to cook different dishes on BeefEater grills. Franz Eck, the founder of ECK-Grill and Outdoor Cooking (Germany), and Stalik Khankishiyev, the author of popular cooking books, presented a series of cooking master classes on ECK-Grill and Outdoor cooking equipment.

The programme of co-located events was even more intensive than last year, and it attracted many visitors. The Whole Hog on the Grill Barbecue Show took place in the first exhibition day. The Show’s Organizer was the Russian Barbecue Association, the Partners were “Miratorg” Agribusiness Holding, “Barbecue House” LLC, Kotanyi, “Gals-Trade” LLC.

On 17 September, the second exhibition day the Russian Barbecue Association held the BEST OF THE BEST BARBECUE RUSSIA festival. 6 professional grill-bosses cooked 4 dishes: poultry, beef, lamb and a dessert.

The Grand Prix of the Festival, the title of the Academician of the Russian Barbecue Academy and the title of Big Grill Boss were awarded to Pavel Galkovsky, ARPIKOM company. The prize for the Best Poultry Dish was awarded to Ilya Kazakov, Torro Grill restaurant. The Best Beef Dish was cooked by Andrey Khalyuk, Torro Grill restaurant, the Best Lamb Dish — by Mikhail Yegiazov, “London” lounge cafe, Belgorod. The prize for the Best Grilled Desert was awarded to Yuriy Rodin, Blanc Café restaurant. The Audience Prize of “The Barbecue Spirit” was awarded to Dmitry Lazko, Miratorg Agribusiness Holding.

The BBQ Media Cup 2013 took place on the last exhibition day. 3 teams competed in cooking different dishes on grill: “RAPSI”, “Radio Russia”, and Cooking Liability Partnership”.

The Contest results are the following:

1 place and Jury Choice Cup — “Cooking Liability Partnership” team.

2 place and Barbecue Spirit Cup — “RAPSI” team

3 place and Audience Choice Cup — “Radio Russia” team.

“Euroexpo” team, the exhibition Organizers would like to express their gratitude to the Russian Barbecue Association, World Barbecue Association Russia and the Barbecue Industry Association Grill BIAG (Germany), CEC “Expocentre” for their support and assistance, “Miratorg” and “BeefEater” for their contribution in the cooking programme preparation, and media partners: “RestoratorChef”, “Liniya Vkusa”, “Fire&Food”, “HoReCa Magazine”, “Food Service”, “Povarenok.ru”, “Menu.ru”, “Oborud.info”, “Food-court.ru” for the information support.

The official website of the exhibition: http://www.bbqexpo.ru/

Let’s Open the World of a Great Barbecue in Russia!

Contacts for press:
Euroexpo LLC

Tatiana Mekhonoshina
Head of marketing and advertising department
Phone: +7 495 925-65-61/62
E-mail: marketing@euroexpo.ru

Marina Zaitseva
Phone: +7 495 925-65-61/62
E-mail: press@euroexpo.ru


Описание: euroexpo 3

Euroexpo, ltd. was founded in 1992. The thematic plan of Euroexpo’s exhibitions covers different spheres of economy and is focused on specialists (format B2B).

Since 2000 Euroexpo is the member of Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry, since December, 2001 — is a member of the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs, since 2008 — member of International Congress and Convention Association ICCA, since 2010 — the Full member of UFI.

In 2006 the partnership company Euroexpo Exhibitions and Congress Development GmbH was founded in Austria. Now Euroexpo offices in Moscow and Vienna held 11 international specialized exhibitions annually. Euroexpo’s services on the organization of exhibitions and conferences are certificated and meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2000.

EuroexpoStand Company renders the services of exhibition stands’ design and construction including “turnkey” projects.

ExpoLady Exhibition Studio is specialized in exhibition personnel (stand assistants, promoters, entrepreneurs, hostesses).


Official support:

World Barbecue Association Russia Описание: Описание: RUBA

The Russian Barbecue Association was founded on 18 November 2006. The main activities include:

  • Working out barbecue development programmes in Russia and their implementation;
  • Coordinating and organizing Russian BBQ teams;
  • Information databases for BBQ development in Russia;
  • Travelling within Russia and abroad to promote barbecuing.
  • Organizing BBQ exhibitions;
  • Russian teams assistance in barbecue competitions participating abroad;
  • Authorization and licensing national, regional and local BBQ events on behalf of the World BBQ Association;
  • Promotion of the food industry development in Russia;
  • Organizing BBQ contests and competitions in Russia;
  • Promotion of healthy lifestyle;
  • Development of BBQ industry in Russia.

The Russian Barbecue Association is a member of the World Barbecue Association since 2006.

Barbecue Industry Assocation Grillverband (BIAG)

Barbecue Industry Association Grill E.V. (BIAG) can now look back on 25 years of institutional history. 50 European manufacturers and retailers of barbecue products from 11 European countries are today organized in BIAG. With the usual power of innovation, these companies provide brand-new ideas and a continuous growth of the barbecue industry in the garden industry market. All activities follow mainly the objectives of innovation, comfort, product safety, consumer protection, environmental and resource protection, sustainability, fair trade and fair competition.

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