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Stalik Khankishiyev and Franz Eck to hold cooking master classes at Barbecue Expo 2013

Stalik Khankishiyev and Franz Eck to hold cooking master classes at Barbecue Expo 2013 13.09.2013

17–18 September 2013 Franz Eck, the founder of ECK-Grill and Outdoor Cooking (Germany), and Stalik Khankishiyev, the author of popular cooking books and the anchor of the cooking programme on NTV channel, will present a series of cooking master classes on ECK-Grill and Outdoor cooking equipment at Barbecue Expo 2013.

Stalik Khankishiyev is not only a cooking expert and a TV anchor. He generates ideas for cooking equipment manufacturers. ECK company, in fact, has designed a fundamentally new grill based on Stalik’s ideas. This unique grill will be demonstrated during the show.

In addition to the new grill, the presentation includes the test cooking on the classic BBQ, developed in ECK-Grill and Outdoor Cooking atelier according to the Stalik’s sketches and measures. Clothing in size, knife on the arm, and now the individually designed grill — everything the real master needs to show off!

The famous Stalik Khankishiyev’s book is called «Kazan, grill and other things for man’s pleasure», and it is obvious that the new unique stove and kazan pot for cooking real pilaf will be represented during the master classes as well.

So, a classic set oriental gentleman — pilaf and shashlyk are waiting for you at BARBECUE EXPO 2013 «Expocentre» on ECK-Grill and Outdoor Cooking stand.

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