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PIR to open its doors to hospitality experts in October

PIR to open its doors to hospitality experts in October 10.09.2013

The 16th International exhibition “PIR”, the major HoReCa exhibition in Russia and the CIS countries will be held 1-4 October 2013 in IEC “Crocus Expo” in Moscow. A key feature of this year’s show is the general trend towards the Russian cuisine with its rich history and traditions. "“PIR” exhibition is intended to contribute to its development, promotion and international integration.

In 2013 a specialized Forum “Russian Cuisine” will be held within the exhibition at the Central Arena. Many traditional events will cover this topic as well, including the 6th International Kremlin Culinary Cup, the 4th Student’s PIR contest, and the 9th All-Russian Culinary Congress.

The “PIR” show incorporate 3 exhibitions: the new project of “Moscow Coffee and Tea Expo”, the 2nd international exhibition “Hotel. Development, Design & Operation”, and the 3rd international exhibition “Moscow Bar Show”.

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