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New IMAGE ignition products at Barbecue Expo-2013!


Image Borovichi will represent 3 new products at the coming Barbecue Expo-2013:

  • “Dachnaya” firelighter
  • Easy Grill
  • Disposable grill

“Dachnaya” firelighter is made of chopped wood chips that inflames immediately by firing, and can be used for ignition of barbecues, fireplaces, grills, stoves, fires, furnaces, coal and firewood outdoors indoors.

Easy-Grill is a ready-to-use grill, containing a set of coal and firelighter. With Easy-Grill you can make barbecue even in the fireplace. Easy-Grill can be used for grills, barbecues or open fire.

Disposable grill is an excellent device for grilling vegetables, sausages, burgers, fish and meat. You do not need to take with you a portable grill or barbecue. You can cook vegetables or fish at home on your kitchen table or on a lawn in the park.

About the company:

Image Group was established in 1996, starting with the manufacturing souvenir matches for restaurants and entertainment centres of St. Petersburg. In 2001 the Company launched the production of printed products and packaging. Since 2003 the Company has actively developed its new business activity — the production of solid ignition means for fireplaces, barbecues and grills. Image Group is one of the leading Russian manufacturers in this field today.

You can see the new IMAGE products at Barbecue Expo-2013 to be held 16 — 19 September in CEC “Expocentre”.

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