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NPO SyntezProdukt to demonstrate ignition liquids at BARBRQUE EXPO 2013

NPO SyntezProdukt to demonstrate ignition liquids at BARBRQUE EXPO 2013 02.08.2013

NPO SyntezProdukt, the exhibitor of BARBRQUE EXPO 2013, will demonstrate the own-produced MASTER Picnic ™ and KOSTROVOY ™ ignition liquids for coal, firewood, briquettes and other solid fuel for fireplaces, barbecues and traditional bonfires.

Advantages of MASTER Picnic ™ and KOSTROVOY ™ ignition liquids:

· quality products made of quality raw materials;

· the products have been certified;

· tranquil flame, no flashing, safe to use;

· the liquids burn completely, without odor and smoke;

· the products do not change the taste of dishes;

· the products can be used in all weather conditions;

· the liquids are supplied in a handy plastic 0.35l, 0.5l, and 1l bottles with corrugated packaging.

www.мастерпикник.рф and www.костровой.рф

About NPO SyntezProdukt

NPO SyntezProdukt has been manufacturing chemical products since 2005 and gained a reputation of a reliable supplier of chemical products for construction and automotive industries. We use raw materials of the leading international manufacturers, and we manufacture only high quality products. Our company has an extensive experience and is always ready to supply necessary amount of required products. We are a modern company and our chemical products comply with the highest international standards. Our company participates in the most significant exhibitions both in Russia and abroad, and this helps us to be aware of market trends and clients’ demands. We have warehouses in Tula and Moscow.


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