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Barbecue show pig roast

Barbecue show pig roast 11.07.2013

Last year a Barbecue show «bull roast» took place. For two days in a row we roasted an entire bull weighting hundreds of kilograms over live coals. Clearly, it is hard to believe without having seen it. We also had our doubts first, but the idea undoubtedly seemed exciting and at the same time absolutely crazy. So we overcame our skepticism and started this project. It turned out — nothing is impossible. The Barbecue show was a success, and if you still doubt this, see for yourself. All the photos are posted on the webpage, so you can see them any time.

This year we are implementing a new program and will try to surprise you again. We wont reveal the details yet; it is enough to say that we made the task more complex — an entire pig will be roasted over a giant grill. Thats all for now as you should see everything with your own eyes at the Barbecue show «Pig roast».


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