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Conference «Practical issues of promoting barbecue equipment and accessories at the Russian market»


The Conference «Practical issues of promoting barbecue equipment and accessories at the Russian market» took place on 30 October 2012 in Hotel «Salyut». Russian Barbecue Association was the Conference Organizer.

Companies Torftechnolin, Fontan -Enders, Eurogrill- KotaGrill, Barbeque House — BeefEater, Marshal Smokers, (Belarus), Primo G&S, US Weekend — RH Peterson (Chelyabinsk), Saunday (St.Petersburg), Ice Group — Big Green Egg Rus, СOBB — Russia, BBQs — Grand Hall as well as Euroexpo Company, the organizer of «Barbeque Expo» exhibition were among the Conference participants there.

At the beginning of the event the President of the Russian Barbecue Association Artem Engoyan spoke about the history of Association and the events organized by the Association.

Mr. Engoyan reflected in his speech the results of the Russian barbecue market research, made by «Euromonitor» company (UK). The market of grilling & barbecue equipment and accessories is growing very rapidly in Russia, according to research and the market will grow by 30 million euros in 2016 comparing with 2012. The growth will be favoured by increasing demand and sales of charcoal grills and smokers.

Sales techniques. «...the personal sales through presentations are the most efficient tool to promote the equipment», according to Mr. Engoyan. Details, emotions and the way of presenting information are playing very important role during the presentation. It is essential to «infect the potential buyer». Mr. Engoyan expressed his doubts about the efficiency of equipment sales through retail chains, since the specialist’s qualified advice is absolutely essential for such sales, and the retail chains are not able to provide it.

The choice of presentation’s place is one of the key moments. Mr. Engoyan is continuing, «...we need to avoid overcrowded places, such as shopping centres. It is preferable to choose places where the target audience is concentrated, such as cottage villages». During the presentation, it is important to consider the time (best time is the second half of the day), weather and food. «I think it is very important what you cook during the presentation. You should not cook a whole fish or poultry, it’s better to cook boneless meat».

«Barbecue Expo» exhibition. Many of the Conference participants were the exhibitors of the 1st international specialized exhibition «Barbecue Expo-2012», dedicated to barbecue & grilling equipment and accessories. The exhibition took place 18-21 September 2012 at CEC «Expocentre» in Moscow. The Conference participants shared their impressions about the exhibition. According to Mr. Engoyan, «...the organizers succeeded to create a barbeque fest, to attract visitors and to hold the first event at the highest level». Gulnara Markelova, the exhibition’s director, briefly reported the results of the exhibition and invited all Conference participants to take part in «Barbecue Expo 2013» that will be held 16-19 September 2013 at CEC «Expocentre» in Moscow.

In the final part of the conference Mr. Engoyan presented the project of «Barbecue Centre» — the culinary and educational shopping mall. "We plan to create a network of such centres. The Centre will be a typical two-story building with a large showroom, a boutique of row meat, a wine boutique, a grocery boutique, a section for barbecue literature, and the BBQ Academy, where you can listen to lectures or take a barbecue workshop. The second floor will host an authentic grill & barbecue restaurant. The Centre will be very comfortable for the visitors, with big parking, and a special area with barbecue pavilion for rent.

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