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Barbecue Expo 2012: 4th day results


The BBQ Media Cup took place on the last exhibition day. 3 teams participated in the contest: RAPSI team, Radio Russia team, and «Otdykh v Russii» team called «Smoked Chiefs».

Each team cooked 3 dishes on the grill: poultry, meat and a dessert. The dishes were objectively rated by high-category judges, including Tatiana Ryzhikova, Georgi Plekhanov, Igor Shmygin (Ukraine), Gerasim Eroshenko (Belarus), Andrei Romanov and Vladimir Grishaev. Every dish was scored in 4 categories, including general appearance, the main ingredient taste, the main ingredient softness, and the garnish taste.

At the end of the day the contest ended with an awarding ceremony. According to the rating results, the first place, the Gold BBQ Media 2012 and the Style BBQ Cup won RAPSI team with a total score of 477 points. Having70 points less, the team of the «Otdykh v Russii» magazine, the «Smoked Chiefs» took the second place. The team was rewarded with the Silver BBQ Media Cup 2012 and the Friendship BBQ Cup. And finally the third place, the Bronze BBQ Media Cup 2012 2012 and the Spirit BBQ Cup was awarded to RADIO RUSSIA team.

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