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Marshall Smokers: More than Just a Grill


Professional mini smoker is a popular purchase at the beginning of summer. We know it very well: it is so difficult to find a person who refuses to estimate the amazing homemade smoked lion, ham, brisket or rolls.

Cold or hot smoking, grilling and barbecuing meat, fish or poultry — one Marshall Smoker can replace a staff of cooks. Marshall Smokers mean a lot of easy and tasty cooking. The products prepared in Marshall Smokers worth a single page in a restaurant’s menu.

With a stylish steam park design, Marshall Smokers has become a key interior element in many open air restaurants. The original and elegant construction attracts your guests’ attention demonstrating the perfect taste of the owner. It is more than just a cooking device, it is a masterpiece. Each smoker has an individual number. It is made exclusively for you and is sold by a piece.

We guarantee the excellent quality, which no other smoker can offer. Marshall Smokers have a life-long guarantee against burning-out. Your grandchildren would be able to use it!

Marshall Smokers are durable and nice, but they are very functional at the same time. They can be used as a smoker, as a barbecue, as a grill and as an oven. It is very convenient and saves your space.

For detailed information please contact us:
Phone: +375293407409
Fax: +375172928861

Bon appetite!

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