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HaJaTec ® - the patented charcoal grill for gourmets


Grilling with the charcoal grill HaJaTec ® promises best results — grill for real gourmet treat: Anyone who has tried grilled meat etc. from this precious roster will use a other charcoal barbecue again.

The brand «HaJaTec» is from the Swiss titanium AG and its managing director Mr. Hartmut Jabs. He has developed the innovative grill and control each grill personally before it is delivered to the customer. Out of principle.

«A professional grill is a prerequisite for an all around perfect baking results," says the grill professional Jabs. The HaJaTec ® grill provides direct grilling over charcoal, making the food taste typical smoky. For healthy barbecue the grill devices unique space with adjustable shelves. That means neither meat juices, fat or marinade dripping into the blaze. The forming is thereby prevented by smoke injurious for healthy reasons.

This charcoal grill has been awarded several special permits from relevant authorities for operation under normal kitchen exhaust — this is unique! In addition, the HaJaTec ® is a device for many cooking methods and is ideal for the professional kitchen. From 80 to 300 ° C, smocking on the grill, cooking, baking, steaming up to the flaming and smoking — everything is possible! The flagship is the EHR 1320D.

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