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Oborud. Info, the partner of Barbecue Expo 2012, to represent the professional BBQ and grill equipment


BBQ — is not just professional catering equipment. It is a way of life. It does not matter whether you buy it for leisure or business. Buying a grill, a barbecue, a griddle or a brazier, you open the doors to the world of fun, where you can also make money.

New Section

Oborud.Info, an Internet guide to food and catering equipment is launching a new section — BBQ and grill equipment.

If you have just started your journey to the barbecue world and still are not quite familiar with the new terminology and product range, our web-site is a real gem for you. With three or four mouse clicks, you would be aware of all types, classes and sub-classes of existing equipment as well as of its main suppliers.

For example, griddles can be smooth, ribbed or combined. Smooth griddles, furthermore, are divided into floor and table units. After selecting the required sub-section you will have a complete list of all models with descriptions and specifications. The same applies to other equipment: barbecues, chicken grills, contact grills, etc.

You can also find contacts of experts here, who can answer all your questions as well as a list of suppliers with addresses, phone numbers and prices. There is no need to switch from one window to another, to jump from site to site: all information is available at one page. Moreover, at the same page you can find a list of other available products by each vendor. Great solution for convenient work!

If you are an equipment supplier, you appreciate our site as well. The site has a feature that allows you adding the information about products, suppliers or manufacturers. If you sale the equipment, which is not on the list, you can easily add it there.

Save your time for a great fun!

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