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BOOMEX Products — «All Seasons»

BOOMEX Products — «All Seasons» 09.07.2012

Our long-runners: High-class products for the whole year

Boomex is valid in the branch as extremely adaptable. A look at the assortment confirms this fast: There are products especially for the summery grill season, for the cold season and article which are used about the whole year away.

Really is liked, for example, our fuel paste for fondue, table grill or wok, because she is in an aluminium bowl which fits perfectly in a Rechaud. The set, consisting of aluminium bowl and Metall-rechaud is also taken with pleasure. In addition we offer fuel paste in the practical metal tin and in the 1-litre bottle.

To our long-runners for all seasons also belong Bio-Ethanol, in particular for Ethanol and gel chimneys, as well as the Boomex-fuel gel for yellow racers and fire pots. This gel is available in the 1-and 2-litre bottle, in the favorable 5-litre bundle and in the closeable tin. Party lanterns and Boomex lamp oils with her pleasant scents provide for a nice mood, finally.

To know well: All fuels of Boomex stand for constantly checked quality, an easy use and a maximum in security.

Production and Handelsges. to chem. Techn. Artikel mbH
Ostuferstrasse 4, D-45356 Essen

Contact press agency:
Dr. Horst Lederer
Hohenweg 14, D-50169 Kerpen
Tel.: +49 — (0) in 2273 / 5 94 78 70

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