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<p>Russia<br />42 Lublinskaya Str., Moscow 109387<br />Tel.: +7 495 351 46 11<br />Fax: +7 800 707 78 80<br />E-mail: stl-centr@mail.ru<br />http://www.stl-comp.ru<br />The company Modern Technological Line engaged in the development and production of medical equipment. The products we offer are modern, efficient and high-quality apparatus having a registration certificate of the Ministry, positive protocols and conclusions the RAS hospital.</p> | html
MOSKITOV, LTD | <p>Russia<br />Bld. 1, 12-A, Selskokhozyastvennaya Str., Moscow 129226<br />Tel.: +7 495 988 46 61<br />E-mail: 9884661@gmail.com<br />http://www.mosquitoff.ru<br />Manufacturing and wholesale trade of products for drip irrigation, and home and garden watering, protection from pests brands SCAT and GREEN HELPER: <br />- Fittings, filters and drip irrigation systems for industrial and private use <br />- Insect control without the use of chemicals.</p> | html
MY LOVELY DACHA, MAGAZINE | <p>Russia<br />Bld. 10, 71, Bakuninskaya Str., Moscow 107082<br />Tel.: +7 495 775 14 35<br />Fax: +7 495 775 14 34<br />E-mail: ldacha@konliga.ru<br />http://www.ldacha.ru, http://www.konliga.ru<br />My Lovely Dacha<br />This monthly magazine advises a reader how to develop the dacha area, country house, how to create a magnificent landscape, to grow a flower bed, an exotic garden, when to open a landing season, how to combat agricultural pests, tells about advantage and healing power of herbs, gives recommendations on care of plants.</p> | html
NASHA DACHA, LTD | <p>Russia<br />Bld. 3, 43, Nikoloyamskaya Str., Moscow 109004<br />Tel.: +7 916 272 46 64<br />Fax: +7 499 517 91 82<br />E-mail: solovei124@rambler.ru<br />http://www.gazetadacha.ru</p> | html
NEO DESIGN MAGAZINE | <p>Russia<br />Moscow<br />Tel.: +8 963 962 97 83<br />E-mail: pr@neomagazine.ru<br />http://www.neomagazine.ru<br />Articles about stylistics of interiors are published in magazine NEO DESIGN, interview to known designers and architects, author's works to metal, ceramics, glass, news of a building complex. Circulation of magazine - 1500 copies. Periodicity of an exit - four times one year. Volume - 80 strips.</p> | html
NEW PARK CULTURE, MAGAZINE | <p>Russia<br />10 Proletarsky Av. (KEMP), office 703-703/1, Schelkovo, Moscow region 141100<br />Tel.: +7 495 212 1128<br />E-mail: info@newparkculture.ru<br />http://www.newparkculture.com<br />The magazine focuses on parks, entertainment centers, public amenities and everything that is connected with them - arrangement, equipment, finance, leisure, work, entertainment, cultural activities, education. Published in Russian. For residents of Russia, CIS countries and Eastern Europe.</p> | html
NINGBO DAYE GARDEN MACHINERY CO., LTD | <p>China<br />No.58 Jinfeng Road, Yuyao, Zhejiang 315703<br />Tel.: +86 574 6267 89 66<br />Fax: +86 574 6256 98 08<br />E-mail: powersales@dayegarden.com<br />http://www.dayegarden.com<br />Daye Garden is a leading expert for the development of intelligent and easy to use garden power tools and irrigation products.</p> | html
NINGBO J&S LEISURE PRODUCTS CO., LTD | <p>China<br />Jingjiang Road, Jiangshan Town, Yinzhou District, Ningbo 315191<br />Tel.: +86 574 8815 19 00<br />Fax: +86 574 8815 19 01<br />E-mail: jerry@mail2.jscomp.cn<br />http://www.jscomp.cn<br />As a leading manufacturer, J & S specializes in designing and manufacturing metal and wooden swing and playset, playhouse, sandbox, seesaw, slide, accessories and so on. We have 18 years of experience in this area and and have been well established in Europe, Australia and America. We are looking forward to working with you.</p> | html
NINGBO LONGCHAIN EXP AND IMP CO., LTD | <p>China<br />806, No 668, Jingjia Road, Ningbo 315000<br />Tel.: +86 574 8734 94 92<br />Fax: +86 574 8734 74 92<br />E-mail: nblongchain@gmail.com<br />We are professional maker for outdoor cooker products.</p> | html
NINGBO XIECHENG POWER TOOLS CO., LTD | <p>China<br />Tongjiaosi, Chunhu Town, Fenghua City, Ningbo City 315506<br />Tel.: +86 0574 8873 28 80<br />Fax: +86 0574 8874 30 26<br />E-mail: carol.luo@xc-tools.com<br />http://www.xc-tools.com<br />1. We're factory with 1200 workers; <br />2. We cooperate with BOSCH, METABO, BLACK&DECKER <br />3. We have 14years cooperation expeirence with ESTA EUROP clients; <br />4. We have RMB cross-border transactions account in Russia, we can do business with Russian by RMB directly.</p> | html
NOVIE STROITRLNIE TECHNOLOGII, LTD | <p>Russia<br />16 Severnaya promzona, Krasnodar region, Armavir 352916<br />Tel.: +7 86137 861-374-92-51<br />Fax: +7 86137 861-374-92-51<br />E-mail: nst-keramik@mail,ru<br />http://тандыр23.рф</p> | html
NURSERY AND PRIVATE GARDEN, MAGAZINE, LTD | <p>Russia<br />11, 2nd Khutorskaya Str., Moscow 127287<br />Tel.: +7 495 604 18 70<br />Fax: +7 495 225 30 21<br />E-mail: pitom-sad@list.ru<br />http://www.gavrish.ru<br />The magazine is a publication for professional nurserymen,gardeners,farmers,landscapers and amateur gardeners.Its main rubrics are: information about nurseries,nurserytechnologies,plantiontroduction,plantbreeding,reviews of species and varieties of fruit and ornamental plants,principles of garden planning and plant selection,fertilizers and plant protection means Full-color magazine,size-64 page,publicationfreguency:6 issues annually.Subscription index in the Union catalogue «Pressa Russia» 72284 «PochtaRrussia» 04361.</p> | html
OBRAZ, PUBLISHING HOUSE, LTD | <p>Russia<br />Office 31-121, 100, Dmitrov highway, Moscow 127591<br />Tel.: +7 495 223 44 39<br />E-mail: 2234439@mail.ru<br />http://domovladelets.ru<br />The publishing house issues the Domovladelets magazine (since 1996), the thematic catalog «Fireplaces and furnaces», and also specializes on production of the corporate press (the project Mnogotirazhka.ru). In 2012 the publishing house announced the noncommercial project Izdat.Su within which there are poetic collections of talented young authors, and also the annual literary almanac Obraz. The editor-in-chief of publishing house – the known journalist and poet Ed Pobuzhansky.</p> | html
OKNA-SITI | <p>Russia<br />17, Ostapovskiy pr-d, Moscow 117447<br />Tel.: +7 495 505 14 24, 768 80 82<br />E-mail: okna-siti@yandex.ru</p> | html
OPTIM CONSULT, LTD | <p>China<br />11-A, 1st Khvostov lane, Moscow, Russia<br />Tel.: +7 495 789 54 21<br />E-mail: info@optim-consult.com<br />http://www.optim-consult.com<br />Optim consult performs a full range of services in search of manufacturers, certification and delivery of garden equipment, furniture and accessories from China.</p> | html
OPTPROMTORG, LTD | <p>Russia<br />25/1, B. Naberezhnaya Str., Moscow 125362<br />Tel.: +7 915 098 97 02<br />Fax: +7 495 380 00 14<br />E-mail: pl-opt@mail.ru, optpromtorg2000@mail.ru<br />http://www.optpromtorg.com<br />GC Optpromtorg place orders in factories in Russia, Europe and Southeast Asia, the sector of inexpensive and high quality gardening tools and equipment. We offer low prices, good quality, market-oriented product.</p> | html
PANORAMA, PUBLISHING HOUSE | <p>Russia<br />14, Bumazhny proyezd, Moscow 127015<br />Tel.: +7 495 664 27 35<br />Fax: +7 495 664 27 61<br />http://www.panor.ru<br />PH Panorama presents the journals «Catering: business and arts» and «Modern restaurant», on page which is reflected broad spectrum of the questions to efficient organization of the work and developments enterprise restaurant business. The Member editorial advice and author journal are leading specialists TIC RF, Assotiations of cookery, leaders enterprise, experts and analysts. The Journals broadly spread on subscription and on specialized action. Information on www.panor.ru</p> | html
PCC CONSUMER PRODUCTS CZECHOWICE, S.A. | <p>Poland<br />5, ul. Lukasiewicza, Czechowice-Dziedzice 43-502<br />Tel.: +48 32 215 26 81<br />Fax: +48 32 215 45 50<br />E-mail: zapalki@pcc.eu<br />http://www.matches.com.pl<br />We have been manufacturing matches since 1921. Our products are well known and appreciated, not only in the Polish market but also in EU countries and many other world regions, such as Africa or South America. There are standard and long matches in our portfolio. The long ones are perfect for candles, grills and fireplaces, due to extended stick. Thanks to experience we were able to create a wide range of advertising matches, which are a great way of promoting products and services regardless irrespective of business profile. Matches are fully safe for both user and the environment which is approved by environmental certificates ISO 9001:2008 and FSC. Recently we have launched firestarters - a wide range of products designed for effective starting fire in a stove, grill and fireplace, even if fuel is wet. The company is in the PCC Group, international group of companies owned by PCC SE based in Duisburg, Germany.</p> | html
PEROVA YULIYA FEDOROVNA PROIZVODSTVO TOVAROV DLYA SADA, IP | <p>Russia<br />14, Lanskoe shosse, St.-Petersburg 197343<br />Tel.: +7 921 427 64 40<br />E-mail: perova.julia2012@yandex.ru<br />http://www.vddom.ru</p> | html
PERSPECTIVA, LTD | <p>Russia<br />4, Professional'naya Str., Dmitrovskiy r-n, Moscow region, Yakhroma 107140<br />Tel.: +7 495 643 02 68<br />Fax: +7 496 225 11 35<br />E-mail: 7723583@mail.ru<br />http://www.perspectiva77.ru<br />Dynamic company, with ten years activity came on the forefront of molding of plastic products. Full range of services: from rendering and manufacturing molds to finished picking orders of any tirage. Also provide services for molding plastic products of customerses molds.</p> | html
PIR EXPO, LTD | <p>Russia<br />3rd Yamskogo polya Str., Moscow 125124<br />Tel.: +7 495 637 94 40<br />E-mail: info@pir.ru<br />http://www.pirexpo.com<br />International exhibition project PIR EXPO 2014 is the main professional event of hospitality industry in Russia and CIS.<br />«PIR EXPO» comprises 5 international specialized exhibitions devoted to all key growth areas of the HoReCa industry in Russia: PIR. Restaurant Equipment, PIR. Food Products, Hotel. Development, design & operation, Moscow Bar Show, Moscow Coffee and Tea Expo. Each of the PIR Expo projects is the most important and significant event in its segment. The thematic division into the most important areas of the hospitality industry allows paying maximum attention to each target audience individually, present innovations, trends, and successful business solutions in a full and accurate manner, create target and highly qualified programs for training, business, and presentational events for all the categories of the HoReCa industry professionals.</p> | html
POLIVGARANT, LTD | <p>Russia<br />Office 132, Bld. 2, 125-D, Warsaw highway Str., Moscow 117587<br />Tel.: +7 495 382 76 47<br />Fax: +7 495 382 76 47<br />E-mail: contacts@polivgarant.ru<br />http://www.polivgarant.ru<br />Official distributor of K-Rain in Russia. Design, sale and installation of professional irrigation systems.</p> | html
POLY INTERNATIONAL, LTD | <p>China<br />Beijing 100044<br />Tel.: +86 010 8835 67 75<br />E-mail: xsdgzzxl@163.com<br />http://www.mget.cn</p> | html
INTERNATIONAL TRADE. POTREBITEL MAGAZINE: ISSUES TOOLS, GARDENTOOLS AND ALL FOR CONSTRUCTION AND REPAIR, LTD | <p>Russia<br />Office 1110, Bld. 1, 5-A, Novodmitroskaya Str., Moscow 127015<br />Tel.: +7 499 519 64 85<br />Fax: +7 499 519 64 85<br />E-mail: info@master-forum.ru<br />http://www.master-forum.ru<br />Publishing of magazine Potrebitel, issues Tools, GardenTools and All for construction and repair.<br />- interview,<br />- reviews of the market,<br />- photos and full descriptions on the goods,<br />- an expert estimation,<br />- opinion of consumers,<br />- results of independent tests.</p> | html
PRIGOTOV, MAGAZINE | <p>Russia<br />71/10, Bakuninskaya Str., Moscow 105082<br />Tel.: +7 495 775 14 35<br />Fax: +7 495 775 14 34<br />E-mail: cooking@konliga.ru<br />http://www.konliga.ru<br />Prigotov - monthly culinary magazine for all lovers of homemade food. Log not less than 65 recipes of any complexity: for both novice cooks and advanced. Many of the recipes are simple and quick dishes that are prepared from available products. Using them, you will be able to please and surprise your family and friends.</p> | html
PRIMO GRILLS AND SMOKERS, LTD | <p>Russia<br />Office 411, 21/1, Tretiy Krasnoselsky lane, Moscow 107140<br />Tel.: +7 495 150 01 31<br />E-mail: v.olga@primogrill.ru<br />http://www.primogrill.ru</p> | html
PROFIT, LTD | <p>Russia<br />14/1, Nizhnaya Str., Moscow 125040<br />Tel.: +7 495 988 20 28<br />Fax: +7 495 988 20 28<br />E-mail: info@linkgroup.ru<br />http://www.linkgroup.ru<br />Link Group is a manufacturing and trading company which has been presented on the Russian market for over 5 years, supplying the biggest retailers and wholesalers with consumer goods. Our company`s assortment is represented by the following product lines under our own trademarks:<br />BOYSCOUT – goods for picnic,<br />VORTEX – door mats, carpets and other floor coverings, <br />MARMITON – kitchenware,<br />Банные штучки –steam bath and sauna accessories,<br />ORANGE – household goods, <br />HELP –repellents and devices for insect control.<br /> Our sales experience with these product lines allows us to keep successfully selling wide range of high-demand products in assortment due to optimal quality-to-price ratio. We are doing everything in order for you to receive the highest level of service. We create best conditions for mutually profitable cooperation.</p> | html
PROFITOOLINFO, LTD | <p>Russia<br />39-135, Vokzalnaya Str., Odintsovo, Moscow region 143005<br />Tel.: +7 495 507 49 40<br />E-mail: info@profitoolinfo.ru<br />ProfiToolInfo - Russian information Web portal about tools and equipment. We invite You for cooperation in promotion of the brands in Russia.</p> | html
REALTIME COMPUTER GRAPHIC SCHOOL, 3D TECHNOLOGIES, LTD | <p>Russia<br />5, Nezhinskaya Str., Moscow 119501<br />Tel.: +7 495 442 59 66<br />E-mail: pr@realtime.ru<br />http://www.realtime.ru <br />RealTime School is one of the leading centers in Russia for professional computer graphics, gamedev and digital arts training. RealTime School is an official training centre of Autodesk and Adobe.</p> | html
RESTORANOVED MAGAZINE, LTD | <p>Russia<br />Office 716, 28/1 Koli Tomchaka Str., St.-Petersburg 196084<br />Tel.: +7 812 493 44 04<br />E-mail: pr@mediavibor.ru<br />http://www.restoranoved.ru<br />“RestoranovedЪ” magazine-monthly informational analytical magazine, containing news and events of restaurant life, interviews with famous victuallers and chefs, author`s recipes from the best culinary experts, conferectioners and baristas, secrets of menu creation, restaurant products` market reviews, information, about equipment, automation, furniture and another directions.</p> | html
RESTORATORCHEF, MAGAZINE | <p>Russia<br />Office 205, 75/11, Fridriha Engelsa Str., Moscow 105082<br />Tel.: +7 495 921 08 56<br />Fax: +7 495 921 08 56<br />RestoratorCHEF is a specialized news and analytical magazine covering restaurant business. Year of foundation – 2001. Monthly, illustrated.<br />The periodical focuses on all important aspects of public catering, <br />providing coverage of the entire spectrum of catering establishments(from restaurants to fast-food chains). The periodical offers: reviews of the public catering services market and performance <br />analysis, analytical publications on brands, suppliers and manufacturers, analytical publications on process equipment market, interviews with restaurant owners and other people involved in the public catering services market, advice on effective business management issues, publications dealing with modern trends in global catering fashions.</p> | html
REVYAKINO SHOVELS, LTD | <p>Russia<br />Bld. 1, 20, Derbenevskaya Str., Moscow 115114<br />Tel.: +7 495 544 46 06<br />E-mail: info@rmzmetal.ru<br />http://www.rlopata.ru<br />Revykinskiy shovels produces a wide range of garden equipment. The major groups are shovels, rakes, construction tools, handles, buckets.</p> | html
ROSA IVAN-TEA, LTD | <p>Russia<br />Office 54, bld. 1, 7, Kolodeznaya Str., Moscow 107076<br />Tel.: +7 916 252 82 73<br />E-mail: ivantearos@yandex.ru<br />http://www.ivantea.ru<br />The founder of Russian tea industry and Russian tea ceremony. <br />Supranational project of Ivan tea House. <br />Holding exclusive parties, festivals, corporate meetings.<br />Matrix development (more than 21 years) natural tea - Ivan-tea - on the basis of willowweed.<br />Know-how technologies.<br />Simple program of health improvement proven by years of experience is called Praenergy.</p> | html
RUSSIAN BBQ ASSOCIATION, NONCOMMERCIAL PARTNERSHIP | <p>Russia<br />11 - 184, Academika Anokhina Str., Moscow 119571<br />Tel.: +7 495 735 56 25<br />Fax: +7 495 735 56 25<br />E-mail: rusbbq@gmail.com<br />http://www.rusbbq.org<br />The association carries out:<br />• Preparation of a various kind of the championships and festivals of a barbecue on the Russian Federation;<br />• Manufacture of the thermal equipment and accessories to a barbecue;<br />• The organization of the exhibitions, the barbecues devoted to subjects;<br />• The organization of participation of the Russian teams of a barbecue in competitions for Boundary;<br />• Assistance to development of the industry of the equipment and accessories for the food-processing industry of Russia;<br />• The edition of books<br />• Propagation of a healthy way of life.</p> | html
RUSSIAN BULAT, LTD | <p>Russia<br />8 Zakharovskaya Str., Worsma 606121<br />Tel.: +8 83171 6 66 14<br />Fax: +8 83171 6 59 83<br />E-mail: a7039581j@rambler.ru<br />http://www.rusbulat.ru<br />Manufacture of knifes, fishers, tourists, for amatures of long campings on the nature.</p> | html
SAUNDAY, LTD | <p>Russia<br />Office 35-N, 29/37, Kronverkskaya Str., St.-Petersburg 197198<br />Tel.: +7 812 677 31 94<br />Fax: +7 812 677 31 97<br />E-mail: sales@saunday.ru<br />http://www.saunday.ru<br />SAUNDAY company is the only Russian manufacturer of modular garden barbecue stoves. We offer a wide range - more than 50 models, from simple models with barbecue to functional oven-barbecue with cauldron and stove, as well as modern barbecue facilities, including Russian oven and smokehouse. The universality of our furnaces barbecue allows even the smallest and simplest models include items such as a stove, cauldron, barbecue, grill and smokehouse.<br />In the manufacture of stoves, barbecue grills, we use high-quality Austrian brick Terca. Any, even the most complex model of oven-barbecue aggregates for one day of the modules, which are manufactured in our factory in St. Petersburg!<br />We guarantee the highest quality, reliability and functionality for the reasonable price.<br />Delivery to anywhere in the territory of the Russian Federation.<br />We invite to cooperation dealers, developers, designers and online stores.</p> | html
SEVZAPUGOL, LTD | <p>Russia<br />78 km of Lujskoe highway, Leningrad region, Tosnenskiy raion, Korkino 187045<br />Tel.: +7 812 309 53 68<br />Fax: +7 812 309 53 68<br />E-mail: sale@sevzapugol.ru<br />http://www.sevzapugol.ru</p> | html
SHASHLIKYOU, IP | <p>Russia<br />Tel.: +7 928 763 90 58<br />Fax: +7 86349 237 59<br />E-mail: barbeku-don@yandex.ru<br />http://www.mangal61.ru<br />Production of high quality grills, barbecues and smokers.</p> | html
SMAGA, IP | <p>Russia<br />Office 46, 6, Oktyabrskaya Str., Moscow region, Krasnoznamensk 143090<br />Tel.: +7 919 991 99 11<br />E-mail: smaga-m@mail.ru<br />http://www.smaga-m.ru</p> | html
SOLEIL TOOL INDUSTRIES, CORPORATION | <p>Taiwan<br />No.7, Datong Rd, Taichung, Wuqi District 43541<br />Tel.: +886 4 2659 55 08<br />Fax: +886 4 2659 55 09<br />E-mail: stephen@soleiltool.com<br />http://www.soleiltool.com<br />Soleil Tool Industries, an ISO certified manufacturer of chainsaw guide bars and accessories, has significantly expanded its production of variety of bar types and sizes to meet growing customer demands. Today, Soleil is able to offer high-quality guide bars, replacement nose kits, and accessories.</p> | html
STOL, GASTRONOMIC MAGAZINE | <p>Russia<br />Office 172, 4, Voevodina Str., Sverdlovsk region, Yekaterinburg 620014<br />Tel.: +7 343 371 32 79<br />E-mail: info@stolmagazine.com<br />http://www.stolmagazine.com<br />«STOL» gastronomic magazine (english analog of russian word «STOL» – «TABLE») is the monthly magazine about tasty food and people who could make the culinary masterpieces.<br />People are reading «STOL» gastronomic magazine at the restaurant while waiting their order, at the office during a break from their job process, and at home when want to learn about places for their next free evening.<br />«STOL» gastronomic magazine – we have free place for you at our table!</p> | html
SUNTOUCH, LTD | <p>Korea<br />867, Yongcheon-ro, Boksu-myeon, Geumsan-gun, ChungCheongnam-do 321-923<br />Tel.: +82 41 751 18 01~4<br />Fax: +82 41 751 18 05<br />E-mail: suntouch@naver.com<br />http://www.suntouch.co.kr<br />Suntouch is the number one selling company in the portable gas stove industry. our company produces representatively the Portable Gas Stove, Ceramic Pot, Teflon Frying Pan, Torch etc... Since established in 1986, Suntouch Co., Ltd. has placed itself as the top class company in the world and domestic markets in production and sales through innovation in products and services, based on constant technology development and great passion, overcoming fierce competition. <br />Currently, under the slogan of 'We strive to be an ethical company putting so much importance on customer satisfaction as the highest value through production of safe and convenient products.' we receive attention from the whole world and be broadening increasingly.</p> | html
THE WORLD OF THE GOOD TOOL, LTD | <p>Russia<br />165, The Lublin Str., Moscow 109652<br />Tel.: +7 903 232 84 80<br />Fax: +7 495 466 02 45<br />E-mail: wgt_1@list.ru<br />Magazine of independent tests and tests of the tool, equipment and expendables. Reviews, master classes, practical advice - all this will help you to receive a maximum of useful information. The magazine is calculated on skilled experts and house masters.<br />In the people us call The tool truth.</p> | html
TIANTAI FUHUA RUBBER CO., LTD | <p>China<br />Tingtou Industrial Zone, Sanhe, Tiantai, Zhejiang, Sanhe, Tiantai, Zhejiang 317207<br />Tel.: +86 576 8308 78 08<br />Fax: +86 576 8308 78 19<br />E-mail: foxbaby172003@yahoo.com.cn<br />http://www.zjfh.com<br />Tiantai fuhua rubber co., ltd was established in 2001. As one of the largest manufacturers of pvc hose in Сhina, we are specialized in producing clear hose, pvc garden hose, pvc braided hose, etc. Our products are popular in more than 40 countries and enjoy the good reputation in these countries.</p> | html
TING SHAN ENTERPRISE CO., LTD | <p>Taiwan (R.O.C.)<br />No.61-10, Sec.1, ChangAn Rd., Taichung, SiTun Dist. 40443<br />Tel.: +886 4 2317 62 17<br />Fax: +886 4 2317 62 27<br />E-mail: uncleroasttw@gmal.com<br />http://www.uncleroast.com.tw<br />Ting Shan Enterprise Co., Ltd. is composed of Shuo Ting Precision Ind. Co., Ltd. and Shan Yung Precision Ind. Co.. That hope we can be a excellent manufacturer which produce top products and convenient to livelihood. Uncle Roast automatic charcoal grill is our first one product which changes the method of barbecue. In the future, we’ll produce more outstanding products and hit the market one after another. May our manufactures can attract all the people’s sight every time we publish.</p> | html
TORFTECHNOLIN NPK, LTD | <p>Russia<br />Office 907, 14, Presnenskiy val Str., Moscow 123557<br />Tel.: +7 495 772 02 77<br />Fax: +7 499 253 17 33<br />E-mail: info@sdymkom.ru<br />http://www.sdymkom.ru<br />Natural smoking briquettes for using in all types of grills and smokers.</p> | html
TRADEKEY PVT, LTD | <p>Pakistan<br />TradeKey (Pvt.) Limited, Ebrahim Ali Bhai Tower, 4th-7th Floor, Plot No. 27/3, Block 7/8. Modern Cooperative Housing Society Ltd., Main Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi-75400, karachi 75350<br />Tel.: +92 21 11111 15 39<br />Fax: +92 21 3236 12 65<br />E-mail: faraz.hussain@tradekey.com<br />http://www.tradekey.com<br />TradeKey.com is the world's fastest growing online Business-to-Business Marketplace connecting millions of buyers and suppliers every month. TradeKey.com has been ranked in the world's top 1,500 business websites having more than 7 Million registered importers, exporters, manufacturers, buyers, suppliers and wholesalers. <br />The ultimate focus of TradeKey Support is to deliver effective, efficient yet friendly services to its members and make their experience congenial at the platform. Therefore, in order to meet the objective of providing world class customer support, TradeKey is stocked with competent personnel who work passionately to resolve the members concerns via sundry communication mediums such as E-mails, live chat, Phone calls and IM support. We became the world's first B2B Marketplace that has also earned ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications to ensure quality and data security for our customers.</p> | html
TV CHANNEL ZAGORODNY, CJSC | <p>Russia<br />4/1, Nowoladogskaya Str., St.-Petersburg 197110<br />Tel.: +7 812 332 69 99<br />Fax: +7 812 332 69 99<br />E-mail: reclama@1tvch.ru<br />http://www.zagorodny.tv<br />Channel ZAGORODNUY- stop educational channel about the life of the country. <br />- Practical help for people which living suburb<br />- Secrets of Landscape Design <br />- Culinary delights <br />- Tips for interior <br />- Stories about life in the country <br />- A guide to gardening and breeding of domestic animals.</p> | html
US WEEKEND, LTD | <p>Russia<br />26, Entuziastov Str., Chelyabinsk 454000<br />Tel.: +7 351 225 39 23<br />E-mail: usweekend@bk.ru<br />http://www.usweekend.ru<br />US Weekend is the official representative of RH Peterson Co. in Russia. RH Peterson Co. produces branded grills Fire Magic and American Outdoor Grill.<br />Fire Magic Grills and American Outdoor Grill are designed and manufactured in the United States. Under these brands the company produces premium built-in and stand-alone gas and charcoal grills, as well as additional equipment and accessories.<br />Great experience, responsibility, high quality and well-deserved confidence of customers are the main features of RH Peterson Co.<br />RH Peterson Premium Grills and accessories have combined remarkable craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology to set the industry standard for 75 years.</p> | html
UTC PRODEST, LTD | <p>Russia<br />Office 16, 19-A/4, Pryanishnikova Str., Moscow 127550<br />Tel.: +7 985 995 57 80<br />Fax: +7 499 713 76 76<br />E-mail: prodest.center@gmail.com<br />http://www.elektrokoptilka.ru<br />Our company is the official exclusive distributor for the Czech company IMPULSE Spol.S RO - producer of household and elektrokoptilok elektrogriley. <br />The grounds of our development - Russia, CIS and Baltic countries. <br />Our offered product is unique in its kind, as it is of interest for use in private homes, suburban areas, and for fishermen, hunters, private entrepreneurs - owners of catering enterprises and hotels. Our equipment allows without special knowledge and professional training to smoke large quantities of various kinds of products: cheese, sausage, chicken, bacon, ham, and more. And the quality of our Czech partners can not be doubted, and confirmed by the corresponding certificates.</p> | html
VASHDOM.RU | <p>Russia<br />Office 207, Bld. 2, 2, Gamsonovsky per., Moscow 115191<br />Tel.: +7 495 790 75 91<br />Fax: +7 495 790 75 91<br />E-mail: info@vashdom.ru<br />http://www.vashdom.ru<br />Construction portal Vash Dom is the internet tool of the market <br />of the building products and services. It combines functionality of a <br />trading platform and an information resource. The project is designed both for <br />professionals of construction business and consumers of building products and <br />services.</p> | html
VASHY 6 SOTOK, NEWSPAPER | <p>Russia<br />202, Bersenyovskaya emb., Moscow 119075<br />Tel.: +7 495 959 30 59, 557 07 23<br />E-mail: komm@sotki.ru<br />http://www.sotki.ru<br />Paper Vashy 6 sotok is the most reputable edition for gardeners today. It has been published for 2 times a month since 1991 with circulation over 75 000 copies in 71 region of Russia. Papers' articles are written by leading specialists of Timiryazev Agricultural Academy, Institute of Horticulture.</p> | html
VIP GRILL, LTD | <p>Russia<br />Office 209, 23-V, Traktovaya Str., Sverdlovsk region, Sysert 624022<br />Tel.: +7 343 345 89 89<br />E-mail: 260904@bk.ru<br />http://www.випгриль.рф<br />Manufacture barbecue grill, outdoor furniture made of pine.</p> | html
VISION GRILLS | <p>Russia<br />36, Baumanskaya Str., Moscow 123290<br />Tel.: +7 495 638 55 69<br />http://www.visiongrills.ru</p> | html
WANJU STEEL PRODUCTS CO., SOLE PROPRIETORSHIP, LTD | <p>Taiwan<br />2-14, Nanyuan Road, Zhongli, Taoyuan 320<br />Tel.: +886 3 452 13 00<br />Fax: +886 3 452 57 32<br />E-mail: wjsab@ms31.hinet.net<br />http://www.qwjs.com<br />We are Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Brush Cutter Blades, Spare parts for Brush cutter,Trimmer, Lawn mower with a factory in Taiwan. Our sincerity and hard work has helped us to match our quality with international standards.</p> | html
WEBER-STEPHEN VOSTOK, LTD | <p>Russia<br />Office 703b, Bld. 1, Kievskoe Highway, Rumyancevo country, Moscow<br />Tel.: +7 495 989 56 34<br />E-mail: rguseynov@wsce.weberstephen.com<br />http://www.weberstephen.ru<br />«Weber Stephen Vostok» is an official representative of American company «Weber Stephen PRODUCTS LLC», that is a world leader in grills, barbeque and accessory production.<br />WOLMEX<br />Russia<br />Moscow <br />Tel.: +7 499 653 58 68, 544 73 14, 374 70 63<br />http://www.livingshop.ru, www.wolmex.com, www.asian-cookhouse.ru</p> | html
YONGKANG ORANGE INDUSTRY AND TRADE CO., LTD | <p>China<br />No.12 Huahai Road Xicheng Industrial Zone, Yongkang Zhejiang China 321300<br />Tel.: +86 579 8720 80 63<br />Fax: +86 579 8720 80 93<br />E-mail: zoe@yongkanghaixiang.cn<br />http://www.mingpeng.en.alibaba.com<br />Yongkang Orange industry and trade co.,ltd is engaged in producing portable gas stove (cassette stove), BBQ grills, BBQ hotplate and other BBQ series. <br />Up to now, we own around 120 employees with one design group, 3 technician, 3 QA and relevent QC to make sure every product's high quality before shipping. Our products have achieved CE, ROHS, AGA certifications. Because of the stablity of the quality, we succeed in exporting to more than 50 countries and areas. OEM and ODM COORPERATION is welcome. <br />From large orders to small special orders, we have over 10 years' professional experience and skill to expertly meet your needs in a timely and cost-efficient manner. We are confident that we can provide the exactly goods you need with competitive prices and the promptest delivery.</p> | html
ZEMLEVLADELEC, PUBLISHING HOUSE | <p>Russia<br />Zaytseva Str., Saint Petersburg 198097<br />Tel.: +7 812 325 60 62</p> | html
ZHEJIANG ALLJOY ELECTRONICS TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD | <p>China<br />No.,57 Shennan Road Dayang Street, Linhai, Taizhou, Zhejiang 317000<br />Tel.: +86 0576 8939 51 71<br />Fax: +86 0576 8939 51 78<br />E-mail: zygs56a@all-joy.com<br />http://www.chinaalljoye.com<br />Zhejiang ALLJOY electronic technology Co., LTD is a manufacturing enterprise with a professional design team, research & development team, produce line and sale team, which established in September,2003. Generally, we are exported in grill, firepit, heating furnace, hunting frame.</p> | html
ZHEJIANG EAST POWER MANUFACTURE CO., LTD | <p>China<br />B1-411 Xigangxinjie Building, No.206 Zhenhua Rd, Xihu, Hangzhou 310012<br />Tel.: +86 571 8523 62 12<br />Fax: +86 571 8523 62 13<br />E-mail: jamyuj518@163.com<br />http://http://hzyichen.en.alibaba.com<br />We are professional manufacture for outdoor / garden /camping furniture: folding chair, folding table, folding bed,gazebo,swing chair. Main market is Europe and USA. We have Walmart ID,Sedex No. and pass much audit.</p> | html

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