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39-41 Gydevang, Alleroed, DK-3450
Tel.: +45 45 76 99 21, 987 830 99 33 (for Rusian represantative)
Fax: +45 45 76 99 21, 8 (8452) 540 510 (for Rusian represantative)
E-mail: tlu@igt-lpg.com, k.loginov.igt@gmail.com
Integrated Gas Technologies Ltd (IGT) is today a well recognised supplier of CE approved LPG regulators with sales to over 80 countries world-wide.
IGT is Striving for perfection offering a competitive mix of good product quality- delivery on time- customised products and competitive prices. We try hard to differentiate us from competitors by combining our products with excellent service and flexibility.
IGT is a LPG regulator manufacturing company with 110 employees and 6000 m2 assembly factory. IGT has been manufacturing LPG regulators since January 2004 in Ningbo, China. Production capacity is now approaching 8 mill pcs gas regulators per year. The Chinese production company is named Ningbo Shuai Xian Regulator company, has a ISO 90001 certification and is placed in Yuyao city by Ningbo in Zhejiang province China.

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