Выставка садового инструмента и оборудования
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Выставка Барбекю


  • Cooking equipment, including chargrills, grills, barbecue, smokers - coal, gas, electric, and solar
  • Instruments, accessories and tools for barbecue
  • Ignition means (liquid and solid)
  • Cleaning agents
  • Fuel, coal, coal bricks, euro woods, pellets and wood chips
  • Protective equipment, including masks, glasses, burn packs, fire-extinguishers, repellents
  • Clothes for barbecue, as aprons, wrists, clothes, footwear and head pieces
  • Personal hygiene products, antibacterial gels and etc.
  • Heat resistant paints for barbecue equipment coating
  • Books on barbecue and specialized media
  • Equipment for outdoor areas, including tents, trash containers, tables, chairs and lighting
  • Mobile refrigerators and thermal packs
  • Tableware, cutlery and picnic sets
  • Semi-finished products for barbecue
  • Sauces, dressings, marinades and spices for barbecue
  • BBQ catering services

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