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"Crocus Expo" International Expo Centre

Crocus Expo International Expo Centre was opened in 2004 and is one of the biggest and most perspective exhibition centres in Russia. The total size of "Crocus Expo" is 40 680 sqm., and the exposition space is about 29 550 sqm.

One of the main types of activity of the expo centre is the running of large international and national exhibitions of different profile. The first pavilion of the expo centre has 4 exposition halls, 4 conference halls and negotiation rooms. The techical equipment of the expo centre is equal to international standards, and conference halls are equiped with everything necessary for running congress events, presentations, seminars, forums. IEC "Crocus Expo" has a developped infrastructure: a bank, exchange, info bureau, medicine point, foodcourt, cafe, restaurant, customs, loading service.

The expo centre is equiped with modern lines of communication, there is an Internet. The latest safety systems will guarantie to the organizers and exhibitors a calm working conditions during the exhibitions, and during their assembly.

Since March 2004 the second raw of IEC "Crocus Expo" is being built (expo space - about 95 000 sqm.) - the expo centre will become one of the largest expo places in Russia. The new pavilion has two exposition floors, each will have 4 expo halls, conference halls, and negotiation rooms.

IEC "Crocus Expo"
65-66 km MKAD,
143400, Moscow area

How to get there

By metro:

  • NEW Station «Myakinino» (dark blue line number 3, north-west) — direct exit to Crocus Expo. Please visit an interactive map of Moscow Metro to calculate your exact travel time http://engl.mosmetro.ru/flash/scheme01.html

By shuttles:

  • a free shuttle bus service from the metro station «Tushinskaya»
  • free shuttles from Iris Congress Hotel

By car:

Venue Map

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119002, Москва, ул. Арбат 35
Телефон: +7 (495) 925-65-61/62
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