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Barbecue Industry Assocation Grillverband (BIAG) Barbecue Industry Association Grill E.V.

Barbecue Industry Association Grill e.V. (BIAG) can now look back on 25 years of institutional history. 50 European manufacturers and retailers of barbecue products from 11 European countries are today organised in BIAG. With the usual power of innovation, these companies provide brand-new ideas and a continuous growth of the barbecue industry in the garden industry market. All activities follow mainly the objectives of innovation, comfort, product safety, consumer protection, environmental and resource protection, sustainability, fair trade and fair competition.

Restorator&CHEF, magazine

RestoratorCHEF is a specialized news and analytical magazine covering restaurant business. Year of foundation — 2001. Monthly, illustrated. The periodical focuses on all important aspects of public catering, providing coverage of the entire spectrum of catering establishments(from restaurants to fast-food chains). The periodical offers: reviews of the public catering services market and performance analysis, analytical publications on brands, suppliers and manufacturers, analytical publications on process equipment market, interviews with restaurant owners and other people involved in the public catering services market, advice on effective business management issues, publications dealing with modern trends in global catering fashions.

Bld. 75, 11, Fridriha Engelsa street, office 205; 105082, Moscow Russia; Phone: +7 (495) 921-08-56 Факс: +7 (495) 921-08-56; E-mail: info@nta-rus.com; http://www.restoratorchef.ru

Information support

FIRE&FOOD - Grillen und BBQ :: Das Grill - und Barbecue-Magazin FIRE&FOOD is Europe’s N° 1 grill and barbecue magazine. In only ten years, this magazine has become established as the leading print medium in this constantly growing market segment.
FIRE&FOOD deals with the topic of grilling and barbecuing, not just as once-in-a-season «summer colour» but as an all-the-year-round subject. That makes this print medium into much more than a «special interest magazine," because it is aimed at all people who love to cook outdoors. These include occasional hobby barbecuers and more ambitious cooks who regularly heat up their barbecue grills or ovens to eat in the open air with family and friends. And it also includes professional chefs and caterers extending their menus to include grill specialities and turning to FIRE&FOOD for tips and suggestions for event catering. The magazine is also essential for industry and trade, and not only as a guide and reliable market indicator.



Internet resource «www.HoReCa.ru»Internet resource «www.HoReCa.ru»
www.HoReCa.ru is a global Internet resource of Hospitality industry. The site provides information for restaurant and hotel business. Site features the following sections: «Catalogue» — list of hotels, restaurants, food and equipment suppliers, exhibitions etc; «Journal»- news, announcements and market reviews; «Business»- project on sale/purchase of operating businesses; «Personnel»; «HoReCa Navigator»- the information system for searching suppliers; «HoReCa forum»; «HoReCa projects» — special HoReCa Internet sites.

At www. Food-court.ru provides information about the companies that provide services for repair and maintenance of fast food equipment, publications of fast food restaurants and special process equipment. On the project there is the possibility to send requests directly to suppliers of equipment, see if there are brands and prices for the equipment, if necessary, to buy equipment or necessary spare parts and other technological equipment for catering facilities.

1st Aeroportovskaya st., 6, Mosсow, Russia,125319
At Beefeater, we seriously understand barbecues. Founded in 1984, we’ve been making these authentic Aussie icons for more than 20 years. So naturally, we’re pretty good at it. We make them beautiful. We make them tough. And the quality? Just sensational. We also make them modular.

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Hotel and Restaurant Magazine / HOSPITALITY Publishers
Hotel and Restaurant: business and management» is the periodical completely dedicated to the issues concerning hospitality industry. It's a 72-page full colour glossy circulated in Russia and abroad (8000 copies).The magazine covers various materials on hospitality business in Russia such as product reviews, news of the industry worldwide, articles on management problems, practical recommendations. The subscription is available by contacting editorial office, by postal catalogues Rospechat (80788), APR Russia (38356), APR CIS (29867). Digital version can be ordered in pdf format.

TradeKey is an online Business-to-Business marketplace, specializing in facilitating global trade. It primarily engages in helping worldwide traders find new trade partners and business opportunities online. TradeKey makes the information of importers and exporters available online, while keeping in view the security and privacy of users. It provides a platform to buyers and sellers from around the world and connects them together.

TradeKey enables suppliers to utilize their trading tools and reach potential buyers by posting their products and latest offers. As credibility is a crucial factor in order to be successful online, TradeKey allows suppliers to post their Company Profile to demonstrate their expertise and experience. TradeKey assists buyers in posting their sourcing needs and have relevant suppliers contact them. TradeKey visitors come from all around the world and millions of people visit the website on a monthly basis.

Web-portal «Expomap.Ru»
Expomap.ru is a well-known Russian web portal devoted to trade shows, the exhibition industry and related services. Its data base includes more then 30,000 exhibitions from Russia and the CIS Region and all over the world. The web-portal is owned by Serve Businesses Worldwide (Russia). The user-friendly well-designed Expomap Web portal provides an effective retrieval system, a choice of different exhibition services, business consultancy and advise, regular online-support, latest market data and news and related articles.
Our major business is providing assistance and logistics support in organizing trade fair participation, organisation of the corporate advertising campaign all over the world, consulting on any foreign event, remote trade fair visiting, interpretation service when abroad and organization of business tours.

OBORUD.INFO – portal equipment

OBORUD.INFO — portal for the food industry: trading, refrigerating,
food, packing, warehouse and other equipment.

The information resource for trade and public catering outlets, food
industry and related industries.

2, Sadovniki street
Moscow, Russia, 115487
Тел: (495)979-47-97

foodprom«Publishing house «FOOD INDUSTRY», Ltd

125080, Russia, Moscow, Panfilov str., 18, building 3, floor 4
Phones: 8(499)750-01-11 доб. 6898, (+7916) 969 61 36, (+7916) 538 34 60
Phone/fax: 8(499)750-01-11 доб. 6898
E-mail: foodprom@ropnet.ru
Homepage: www.fooprom.ru

We present a series of magazines, dedicated to different branches of food industry:
«Food Processing Industry»
«Beer and Beverages»
«Fish industry»
«Baking in Russia»
«Fat and oil processing industry»
«Confectionary manufacture»
«Food ingredients: raw materials and additives»
«Manufacture of spirits and liquor and vodka products»
«Winemaking and viticulture»
«Storage and processing of farm products».

The articles are written by the leading specialists of Russia. Also you can find the information about exhibitions, seminars and conferences.

Povarenok.ru is the most popular cooking portal in Runet, its coverage is about 6,5 million visitors a month. The portal contains thousands of step-by-step recipes accompanied by photos, interesting and useful information about dishes, products and culture of their consumption. Much attention is devoted to healthy food and ways of cooking. Recipes are classified in a handy method — dishes, ingredients, everyday, holiday, picnic dishes and meals.

MyJulia.ru is a social network for all who love writing. Articles on burning issues, step-by-step recipes and culinary master classes are not only actively discussed by users. They can be nominated for participation in competitions — winners are awarded with household appliances and other valuable gifts. Fans of cooking join the communities and share recipes and useful tips of cooking tasty and healthy dishes and meals. Much attention is paid to ideas and opportunities of rest.

MyJane.ru is a women’s journal, which focuses on life success, fashion, beauty, health and cooking. The site frequency is about 100 thousand per day. Professional tips help readers in the spheres of healthy way of life, career, psychology, relationship, sex, style and rest. With a large section of recipes one can easily diversify everyday and holiday menu, organize a picnic. On myJane.ru one can find articles, news, women’s forum, recipes, diaries and personals, i.e. all the things modern women are interested in.

«Stranamam.ru is social network for parents, helpful in the questions of taking care and up-bringing of children. Online consultations on all actual issues as well as opinion of ordinary mothers and fathers are the necessary support for young and experienced parents. In Stranamam.ru one can find plenty of recipes — both for adults and children. Useful tips will help you to turn any picnic one of the best holidays your family has ever had — for body and soul.

GoodsMatrix.ru – the largest Internet-catalogue of FMCG stuffs (156 000 commodities, more than 500 000 visitors in a month). A catalogue helps an eventual user or professional of FMCG market instantly to obtain information from the Internet on any FMCG stuff.

resto Restaurant Rating

mmenu       Линия вкуса   Журнал «www.HoReCa.ru»   HoReCa magazine           gardener.ru          

Контакты Архив Карта сайта
119002, Москва, ул. Арбат 35
Телефон: +7 (495) 925-65-61/62
Факс: +7 (499) 248-07-34